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Why everyone should have a personal relationship with a Travel Counselor!


Save Money! To clear up the common misconception that it costs more to use a Travel Counselor, the truth is that more often than not I will save you money. Our computer reservations technology enables us to access the most up-to-date, unbiased information across many travel suppliers databases making sure you get the best value.

• Convenient, Personal Service – A Travel Counselor can design a unique, personalized travel experience just for you. Like a personal shopper who has a vested interest in learning about your lifestyle, interests, likes and dislikes, then taking that knowledge to quickly maneuver through thousands of travel options to zero in on a trip that’s a perfect fit for you.

• Your Advocate from beginning to end. Your best interests are our top priority. Your Travel Counselor is there to help resolve any issues in the event of last-minute changes, interruptions, cancellations or other situations that may arise. The saying goes, “Without a Travel Counselor, you’re on your own.”

• Experienced Travel Professional – Travel Counselors have been dealing with the complexities of the travel industry for years. We are well versed with the rules and regulations that can save you time and money ensuring a hassle-free travel experience. Through our personal experience, customer feedback, educational forums, travel companies seminars and professional associations we have acquired vast amounts of knowledge to help guide and recommend appropriate travel options for you. We clarify the fine print, such as cancellation penalties, restrictions and insurance protection plans eliminating surprises down the road.

• Eliminate the frustration of do-it-yourself, online bookings – The Internet is a valuable resource, but it cannot replace the expertise, guidance and personal service of your Travel Counselor. Why spend your valuable time dealing with all the complexities of putting together your own trip when your Travel Counselor has the best resources and experience to do it for you. Once you hit the “Submit” button good luck finding help if you should encounter a problem, need to make changes or have any questions, which no doubt you will.  Is that deal you found really a deal?  Are you comparing apples to apples, or apples to oranges?  Was that online review you read written by the hotel itself or the competition down the street? 

Your vacation or business trip is a big investment so treat it as such and get professional, personal and expert consultation from your travel professional.  You’ll be glad you did!